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This year we are preparing an eventful on land program. Throughout the regatta right next to the moorage there will be a tent with a stage, all the equipment, and a large LED-screen. Every day something interesting will be held there such as festive dinners, parties, awards, lunches and other activities. We will not disclose all the secrets yet but we do have many plans ranging from the karaoke battles through to "mafia" game evenings.

This will also be the place where we’ll prepare dinners for the crews. We’ve decided to try a new cuisine concept with all the dishes such as pasta, paella or risotto to be made right in front of you so that they are hot off the skillet. On May 9 there will be a festive lunch organised in honor of the Victory Day. We’ll offer you a traditional field dish — a porridge with canned stewed meat and People’s Commissar 100 grams of vodka.

At all other times the participants are expected to organise their meals on their own. However, the hotels' breakfasts and sometimes dinners are already included in the room price. And those who live on yachts have the opportunity to cook on board. Our boats' kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, cookers, microwaves and all the necessary utensils. It is possible to buy food online and have it delivered on board by our wonderful partners, products delivery service Touch & Lunch.